Regulator Bottle Butano/Propano

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Regulator for use with bottles Repsol butane or propane and 6kg of 12.5kg.

Technical Features:

  • Nominal pressure: 29mbar
  • Guaranteed flow: 2.5 kg / h
  • Supply pressure: 0.3 to 16 bar
  • Closing pressure: 40 mbar.
  • Input Connection: G56 (EN 12864)
  • Output connection: H-51 (EN 12864)
  • Type of gas: LPG B / P
  • Instructions for use:


Before connecting the controller to the cylinder, attach one end of the tube to the spigot fluted regulator. First remove the protective plastic end spigot regulator.
Place one of the clips included in this kit. Attach the other end of the gas pipe to the device you want to use this kit and attach the other bracket.

Significant initial checks;

All valves gas appliance should be closed.
The tube must be mounted properly.
The hand of the regulator should be in position "Closed".

Pull the black bottom ring as shown in Figure 1, placing the regulator on the cylinder valve and release the collar black pushing it down until it clicks indicating that the regulator is secure, thereby ensuring proper estanquedad (Figure 2). Pull the slider up, to check that is securely fixed to the cylinder.


For flow of gas should turn the knob so that delregulador flame red remains visible.Para stop the outflow of gas from the crank the handle in the opposite direction (Figure 1).


Lift the ring with both hands and remove it from the bottle (Figure 4). Before proceeding with the replacement of the canister must reaizar the same checks that the initial fit the regulator.


  • This regulator is set to be mounted on the valve diameter 35 mm.
  • In order to ensure proper operation of the facility, in normal conditions of use, you must replace this control after 10 years of its date of manufacture.
  • Do not use the hose pipe after the expiration date printed on it.
  • In the event that the regulator is outdoors must be protected to prevent the entry of any liquid.
  • If you will not use the device that is connected to the regulator kit close the passage of gas.
  • No open flames to detect gas leaks.
  • Never disconnect the controller and the device to which it is attached is on.
  • Devices that run on gas should be used in well ventilated areas.
  • Do not move the cylinder during operation.
  • This controller is not intended to be used in caravans or boats.




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