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The aluminium Y-peg is a super strong peg very suitable for pegging in loose soil, where it offers a strong hold due to the non-rotating construction. The Y-shape design improves the grip and makes this peg even more stable to the point where it can actually withstand strong winds and tough conditions. You can even gently step on it, when you peg in harder soils. The Y-peg penetrates smoothly into a wide range of soils and the guy rope attachment option allows for easy pull. It is equipped with a barbed top for better guy rope hold, and the bright yellow colour makes it very visible, so you do not leave it behind.
sturdy Y-shaped construction
non-rotating design
works well in most types of soil
firm penetration and strong grip
extremely durable aluminium
guy rope attachment for easy pull
Y-shape construction for firm grip
large surface area for optimal hold
easy visible colour
set of 6 pegs
Type Pegs
Material Aluminium

  • Length : 180 mm
  • Pieces in set : 6
  • Weight : 13 g
  • Pack sack
  • Type : Nordisk zipped pack sack
  • Material : Aluminium




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