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Self Heater is a flameless reaction heater, widely used in MRE rations.
The Self heater uses a chemical mixture to generate heat and thus manage to cook pre-packaged meals.

The Self Heater heater package of flameless rations contains more than twice the active ingredients used in other heaters, producing more than twice as much thermal energy.

This makes it ideal for operations in cold climates and remote feeding situations.

Once activated, the flameless heater immediately raises the temperature to the maximum and maintains that temperature for more than 12 minutes, enough to heat a plate of food (bags of ready-prepared food, for example those of the Isabel brand and the like )

Self Heater is used in situations where fire is prohibited or not recommended, making it ideal for soldiers in the field and survival.

Self Heater is widely used in Armed Forces, Emergency Services, Embassies, Humanitarian organizations, security companies, search and rescue, private companies, climbers, hikers, motor sports enthusiasts, risk sports, yachts, Bikers, fishermen, Scouts and mountain guides.

How to use:

It is activated with water. You only need 60 ml of water and heat a meal in 12 minutes.

How to use

* Open the Self Heater bag by the line you put (Tear here)

* enter the envelope of prepared food.

* Fill the bag with water about 60 ml or until the line you put (Fill to line only)

* put the envelope with the part that heats down and fold the bag so that the water does not come out and start cooking.

* After 12 minutes you will be ready to eat.

Forestia made in Spain. Forestia recipes are natural and prepared without a preservative. Some dishes are vegan or vegetarian. The portions are 350g which makes a light and consistent dish for a meal. Good take with Forestia!


  • Does not use flame or electricity.
  • Composition: magnesium, iron and sodium - biodegradable.
  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Not toxic.
  • Contains bag and heat bag inside.



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