Origin Outdoors Beewax Wrap

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Alternative to plastic and aluminum foil, beeswax wrap in two sizes. Ideal for covering your snack or food such as fruit and vegetables safely and keeping them fresh longer. The wrap are easy to clean with warm water. Reusable, compostable, or simply used as an alternative grill pad for up to 1 year. The hand warmth makes the wrap flexible, it is easily deformable and adheres to itself as well as to flat surfaces. Made from natural beeswax, organic cotton and tree resin. Perfect for your provisions as light luggage, for hiking or outdoor activities.

- easy to clean
- reusable and compostable
- made from organic cotton
Cotton with beeswax and tree resin
1x 25 x 28 cm
1x 33 x 35,5 cm
Not suitable for storing raw meat and raw fish.



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