Tear-Solution Repair Patch PVC and Vinyl Patch 100x3,2 cm

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Transparent patches for the immediate repair of cracks and holes in virtually all materials. Unusually strong, wind and water resistant. 
Contains a unique substance that protects this patch, when used on PVC/Vinyl, from drying out and discolouration.
A must-have in any camping, outdoor or sports backpack.
High adhesion.
Resistant to salt, water and wind.
Only sticks on vinyl or PVC!
For inflatable mats, air mattresses, camping equipment, sails, life jackets, convertible roofs, awnings, bouncy castles, pool liners and much more....
Use on completely smooth PVC is also possible underwater.

1m strip of repair material, transparent, 3,2 cm x 0,4 mm
6 alcohol wipes for pre-cleaning




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