Tear-Solution Repair material - patch MST

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Transparent repair material for the immediate repair of cracks and holes in virtually all materials. Unusually strong, wind and waterproof. Clean and dry the damaged area, cut the MST- tape to size, stick it on - done! Belongs in every camping, outdoor and sport equipment pack.

- high adhesion
- resistant to salt, water and wind

Tear-Solution Repair material - patch MST Item Nr.: 850335

Does stick to vinyl or PVC !
1 x patch, transparent, 100 x 7,6 cm
6 x alcohol cloths for pre-cleaning
For diving suits (dry), sleeping bag, tent, air mattresses,
Camping equipment, banners, convertible roofs, boots, aluminium, stainless steel,
Plastics, acrylic, nylon and polyester clothing etc.



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