Made of 18/8 food grade stainlees steel, no liner needed.   

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Ideal for use with the Bushcraft™ mess tin 

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The OPTIMUS CRUX LITE is equipped with the powerful burner of the Crux, but even lighter in weight as it does not have a folding mechanism.

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OmniLite Ti is based on the same technology as our award-winning OmniFuel and is constructed to handle demanding situations and environments. 

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As little as 4 min/L (LPG gas), as little as 3.4 min/L (white gas), depending on climate etc.

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Despite the small format, OPTIMUS NOVA offers stability for large sized pots. So go out and get cooking!

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MultiFuel EX comes with an ErgoPump, multitool, nylon bag, windscreen, and heat reflector. Fuel bottle is not included.

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Open spirit stove (100230). Weight 290 g.

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