Grower Kaffee '2 Cup - Colombia'

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Café Granja La Esperanza has grown since the first farm “Potosi” was created in 1950 in the Caicedonia area. Today, it is one of the leading farms in Colombia, producing some of the best coffees in the world. The farm has been recognized three times for producing the best coffee of the year in Colombia by Specialty Coffee Association of America. This coffee has a lively aroma with citrus and almonds flavors. It is a delicious clean cup with a good body, crisp acidity and very pronounced sweetness stone fruits.

The finest coffee, brewed fresh simply and everywhere. Perfect for outdoor, office, picnics, garden or the excellent cup for in between. The varieties are cultivated organically and awarded the Fair Trade label. 
The coffee beans are hand picked, sorted and processed the best possible to produce very special coffee. 
All of these coffee varieties are produced in very small quantities and provide a unique, individual taste. These flavours are a direct result of the work of coffee farmers and the beans are roasted very slowly and in small quantities in the micro-roaster. 
The coffee is brewed in special bags with 0,3 L of boiling water for 2 to 4 minutes. The essential oils, aroma and taste are fully preserved. You can pour the finished coffee directly from the bag into your cup, you need no filters or cans. The optimal solution for the coffee in between.

Grower Kaffee '2 Cup - Colombia' 

medium strong taste
for 2 cups (each 150 ml)
100 % Arabica coffee from Colombia, 22 g ground speciality coffee 
altitude 1.700 - 1.900 m
Fairtrade and eco-certified (DE-009-Eco-Control)
no aluminium, PE-coated paper






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