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Your fingers are itching to send the route, but food is energy. Around nearly since Optimus was founded more than a century ago, the Svea stove has been a cult classic for light-and-fast climbers’ and alpinists’ gear bags for decades.

Its simple, design in nearly bulletproof solid brass keeps it rugged too: The lid doubles as your cook pot. No loose parts to misplace.

And the handle serves as a maintenance tool. A built-in cleaning needle helps you keep the flame burning and that pot of nourishment simmering.

The exacting flame control lets you unpack your kit while the soup simmers, but you can get it boiling hard quickly when you can’t wait.

Great for solos, high-altitude adventures (uses white gas for best efficiency), or anytime super light is super right.

Fuel type: White gas
Average burn time: Up to 50 min at maximum output (with 120 ml of fuel)
Dimensions (mm)130 × Ø 100
Average boil time for 1 L of waterApprox. 7 min/1 L, depending on climate, altitude etc.
Output: 1400W
Weight (grams): 550g
Kit includes Burner, valve and small cooking pot (lid), user manual

Read all instructions prior to using the SVEA

Always follow these safety instructions every time the stove is used.

Make yourself familiar with all of the stove’s parts and features before attempting to light it. Keep this manual for future reference.

Practice using the SVEA before taking it on any trip.

A. WARNING: Never use the SVEA indoors or in any area with poor ventilation (i.e., in a tent, vehicle, etc…). The stove consumes oxygen and produces carbon monoxide. SVEA IS FOR OUTDOOR USE ONLY!

B. WARNING: Never keep an uncapped fuel bottle near the stove when lit.

C. WARNING: Never preheat the stove in any other way than as described in this manual

D. NEVER FILL the tank near an open flame or when smoking.

E. WARNING: If a small flame, caused by leakage, occur at the stuffing box of the burner, turn the stove off. Use the hexagonal hole of the regulating key to turn the stuffing box 1/4 turn to the right. Relight.

Repeat if necessary.

F. USE ONLY white gasoline (unleaded). Not car gasoline.

G. NEVER COVER the stove with a windscreen, rocks, or anything else while it is in use.


1. FILLING OF FUEL. Fill max 2/3 of the tank. Capacity of tank 0,18 L

2. PRE-HEATING. Put some Optimus burning paste in the spirit cup. (Gasoline or methylated spirit can also be used. Do not spill.) Put the windshield in its place. Turn the regulating key to the right as far as possible. Light the paste or the gasoline.

3. LIGHTING. When the paste or the gasoline is almost burnt out, turn the regulating key to the left, letting the gas out through the hole of the jet. The gas will then ignite. Should the gas not ignite, light with a match. Regulate the flame by turning the key. Place the saucepan on the stove. Use the handle for placing the saucepan

on the stove and for removing it. To extinguish the burner, turn the key to the right as far as possible.

4. CLEANING OF JET. Turn the key quickly to the left as far as possible and back again. If the flame should go out – keep a match ready




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