Light my Fire LunchKit BIO 6pcs hazyblue

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Everything you need to carry to eat in style and put it away again.
This handy 6-piece LunchKit is versatile, functional and made for eating on the go. The kit offers food storage options with airtight lids that are ideal for travel and, once unpacked, become your plates and bowls. Also included are the spoon, fork and knife (also known as Spork) are the ingenious plate to mouth system, a perfect little space saver that replaces the need for additional parts. When it's time to go, the kit stacks and packs away, all together with the lunch kit harness - super easy! Made from 100% BPA-free, bio-based, microwave and dishwasher safe plastic, lunch is served!
Material features:
Fork is made from GMO-free corn-based bioplastics.
All other parts are made from certified sugar cane with wood fibre-based bioplastics (except the harness)
Sustainable features:
Reusable, to use again and again....
Bio-based plastics:
Bioplastics have a unique advantage over conventional petroleum-based plastics in that their composition is made entirely, or in part, from plants or other biological matter. By using renewable organic matter, we enter into a regenerative cycle that is not only sustainable, but is an excellent substitute for fossil fuel dependence. Plant growth cycles naturally remove CO2 from the atmosphere, suggesting that a global switch to bio-based plastics would be equivalent to eliminating millions of tonnes of CO2 emissions each year.

SNAPBOX with measuring lines:
Inside the SnapBox you will find measuring lines to easily measure what you need. Quick and easy.

All together:
The beauty of this kit is that everything nests inside itself so it's compact and compact and versatile.
Dimensions: 195x185x60 mm
Colour: hazyblue (dark blue)
Made of bio-based plastics
Easy to carry and compact
Includes a practical CircBag for easy storage
Easy to clean: no sharp corners
Microwave safe
Dishwasher safe
BPA free
Made in Sweden
Weight: 326 g








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