Preheater for spirit burner (602101)

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The Trangia Burner works practically at any temperature. However, the heating power of an alcohol stove decreases when the temperature drops. To avoid this, it is recommended to use Trangia Preheating for Burners, especially at temperatures below 0 ° C.

A small amount of alcohol must be poured into the center of the cup in order to soak a fiber. Then place the burner on the cup (it snaps easily for stability). You can then ignite the alcohol in the cup. This will warm up the alcohol contained in the burner, which will promote its boot and produce better performance.

In the end and thanks to the Preheating for Burners you will save alcohol in very cold weather, because for the same result you would have consumed much more alcohol in the burner.

An indispensable element for users of the Trangia burner in winter.

Dimensions: Height 3 cm - Diameter 7 cm

Weight: 23 g




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Spirit Burner Trangia 602500 Spirit Burner Trangia 602500
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Vargo alcohol fuel bottle - 250 ml Vargo alcohol fuel bottle - 250 ml
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Item-No.: 33695. Spirit Stove, can, Brass Item-No.: 33695. Spirit Stove, can, Brass
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