Instant Ice Pack, 100 g, single use

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The cooling compress COLD PACK by MFH. This single pack with dry ice is ideal for the injury or contusions. Relieves pain and reduces swelling. Usage is simple and intuitive - just squeeze the ice pack in accordance with the front picture, and then shake it gently. The small dimensions of the package allows you to store compress in almost every pocket of the backpack, bag or partition. The low weight makes it is not a burden, and in an emergency can be very helpful.
How to use:

Squeeze the pack several times and shake it.
No freezing necessary.
For external use only. Adult supervision recommended.
Do not puncture the pack. Should contents become exposed to skin or eyes, flood with water immediately.
Do not Swallow, If accidentally swallowed drink several glasses or water (no milk) and call a doctor immediately .
Should not be used by individuals with circulatory problems unless under the direct supervision of a physician.

cools up to -4°C
for up to ca. 30 min
activatable by finger pressure
disposable in residual waste after use
Dimensions: ca. 14,5 x 11 x 2 cm
Weight: ca. 100 g

Urea, Water



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