LifeStraw Replacement filter for 'Go'

LifeStraw Replacement filter for 'Go'

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Micro hollow fibres effectuate the filtration and purify a minimum of 4.000 L of water eliminating nearly all bacteria (99,9999 %) and single-cell parasites (99,9 %) including Giardia that contaminate the water.

The filter also reduces cloudiness and eliminates all particles bigger than 0.2 microns.

The filter is free of chemicals, doesn't need any electricity, battery or replacement parts.

How to use:
Replacing the filter in your Lifestraw Go is quick and easy to do.
Simply unscrew the top cap from the bottle and gently remove the filter.
Discard The used one.
Insert the new filter into the top cap and then screw the top cap back into the bottle.


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