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Power up your next adventure with the NITECORE F4, a four-slot battery charger that can serve double duty as a power bank and battery organizer. The F4 is equipped with 2 USB outputs for charging and a micro-USB input for charging 18650 IMR/Lithium Ion batteries. The USB port allows users to quickly charge and power devices with a maximum output current of 2A.

LCD Display & Intelligent Charging

The F4’s LCD displays key battery information including voltage, USB output, charging current, charging volume and battery slot. The intelligent charging of the F4 independently controls the 4 slots with a max charging current of 1A in single slot. The charger can also be used with batteries as a power bank to charge cellphones, flashlights, headlamps, and other USB devices on the go.

Ultra-Compact and ultra Safe

The compact body of the F4 weighs 4.32 ounces and allows you to have to always have power at your fingertips - no matter how far you travel. Ideal for backpacking, this is the perfect charger for the rugged nature-lovers out there needing a lightweight power source and battery charger. A sliding cover helps organize batteries and enables you to carry batteries safely.

Battery charger and Power bank

Single-slot max charging current of 1A

Single USB port max output current of 2A

4 slots controlled independently

LCD real-time display

2 hours to fully charge iPhone X

Included in the Box

NITECORE F4 battery charger & power bank

Micro-USB power cord

Four-Slot Power Bank & Battery Charger


Input DC 5V 2A

Output Voltage (Battery) 4.2V±1%

Output Voltage (USB) 5V±5%

Output Current (Battery) 2*1A, 4*0.5A

Output Current (USB) 2*2A

Compatible with Li-ion/IMR: 18650

Dimensions L-4.46"xW-3.39"xH-1.06"

Weight 4.32oz

Compatible Power Sources


Li-ion/IMR 18650 Yes





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