GSI Alu-Cookset 'Pinnacle Base Camper' - small

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Ultimate durability, efficiency, heat distribution.

Cooking set of hard anodized aluminium with perfect and highly resistant Radiance Teflon® coating. The set consists of two pots, frying pan or lid, decanting lid, cutting board, GSI gripper and packing bag that can be used as sink. A well thought-out and high quality cooking set with compact dimensions. Highly abrasion- and scratch-resistant, light-weight and with a fine finish.

Item Nr.: 50182

Topf 2 L, Topf 1,5 L, 20,8 x 20,8 x 13,7 cm, 950 g

hart anodisiertes Aluminium, Deckel Nylon/Silikon, Schneidebrett Polypropylen

hochwertige, dreilagige Teflon ® Radiance Technologie Beschichtung





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