Dr.Keddo Mikrosept - 100 ml with spray cap

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Liquid preservative for drinking water based on silver, which is tasteless and odourless, chlorine- and nitrate-free in the indicated dosage. The 100 ml bottle with pipette is suitable for small tanks, the 100 ml bottle with injection cap for tanks from 100 litres upwards, the 250 ml bottle with dosing cap is particularly suitable for larger tanks from 150 litres upwards. Also available as powder, but this should be left to work for at least 4 hours. Note: Silver ions are not suitable for metal tanks.
Dr.Keddo Mikrosept - 100 ml with spray capItem Nr.: 70110

Dosage 10 ml for 100 L water
Use biocidal products with care. Always read label and product information before use.


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