Petromax Cooking Tripod

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With Petromax Cooking Tripod you will enjoy a great outdoor-cooking experience. You can easily and safely hang up a barbecue grate as well as your Petromax Dutch Oven. Its height-adjustable chain will make your cooking experiences on open fires particularly enjoyable. The bevelled feet make sure that the tripod remains robust and safe on all kinds of surfaces. Each leg is continuously height adjustable to keep the tripod evenly balanced in case of uneven ground.

Technical details

Transport size (folded): 12 cm x 98 cm x 12 cm (4.7 in x 38.5 in x 4.7 in)

Height (mounted)*: 88 cm - 144 cm (34.5 in - 56.5 in)

Length (leg): 88 cm - 159 cm (34.5 in – 62.5 in)

Weight: 4.1 kg

Maximum load: 40 kg

* The height of the mounted tripod is measured from the ground to the highest point of the tripod.



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