Hydrapak Tactical 3L Hydration Reservoir

Hydrapak Tactical 3L Hydration Reservoir

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It is made from a TPU 60% thicker than their regular, durable reservoirs giving it military-grade, unrivaled strength and performance. This unique design can be reversed and cleaned even in a dishwasher and a built-in inner wall (baffle) allows the reservoir to stay flatter with a lower profile on your gear. Alternatively, the wall can be disconnected to allow for a regular profile.

The patented wide slide top opening allows for fast filling and secure seal. The Hydrapak 3L is compatible with both the Agilite Edge Hydration Cover and the IDF Shlucker AQ Hydration carrier.

The Hydrafusion™ Tube – ballistic TPU extruded drinking tube cover insulates the tube , does not absorb water and therefore does not stay wet.

3 Liter (100 fl oz) Capacity

Military-grade 60% Thicker TPU construction.

Lock baffle for slim profile, unlock for volume

Slide-Seal™ Top - opens wide and seals tight

Built-In Shape-Shifter Wall (Baffle) for lower profile

Surge™ Valve - silicone, 45 degree, high flow bite-valve with twist shut off for no-drip and strength.

Hydrafusion™ Tube – ballistic TPU extrusion to insulate and protect

Can be frozen or filled with warm water (max temp 140°F / 60°C)

Inline filtration compatible

Reversible and anti-microbial to prevent bacteria & mold

100% BPA and PVC Free

Durable, built for a lifetime of tough use






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