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Inspired by the Japanese Hori-Hori Knife, our Titanium Dig Dig Tool™ makes quick work of digging catholes or securing your shelter in any type of soil, including snow and sand. Where other thin metal trowels tend to dig into your hand more than the ground, the Dig Dig Tool's™ ergonomic design, serrated edges, and rounded handle helps you cut through roots and tough ground comfortably. Additionally, its rounded top allows you to use a two-handed technique for even more dirt digging power and leverage. So stop carrying heavier, hurtful trowels or using inferior substitutes (tent stakes, trekking poles, your shoe's heel, etc.) and dig a hole like champ with the titanium Dig Dig Tool™. 

Make quick work of digging catholes and securing your shelter with the Titanium 'Dig Dig Tool'. It's ergonomic design is easier and more efficient to use while its rounded handle won't 'dig' into your hand like other trowels. Its serrated edges slice through tough ground and roots so it can dig where other trowels can't. As a tent stake, its wide U-shape design holds firmly in hard and soft soils alike (even snow or sand). Made from strong, lightweight titanium.


Dual use trowel and tent stake saves weight and increases versatility

Made from strong, lightweight titanium that's more durable than plastic or aluminum

Ergonomic design for digging ease and efficiency. Works like an actual shovel!

Serrated edges cut through the tough ground and roots that other trowels can't

U-shape holds well in all soil types, snow, and sand or use as a deadman anchor

Comfortable rolled handle won't "dig" into your hands


Weight: 1.25 ounces (36 g)

Length: 8.1 inches (20.5 cm)

Width: 1.7 inches (4.4 cm)




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