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DD Tarp XL MC -

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** DD Tarp XL now available in DD Hammocks' own Multicam (MC) pattern. **

After almost 16 months of research, design, testing and colour checking we are very happy to release our own brand new multicam / camo tarp. We learnt a lot about camo in the process and what we aimed to create is a tarp that will blend in extremely well in woodland environments. It also works well on grass, mountains and other outdoor environments. It was not an easy process at all but we're very happy with the final result and hope you like it :)

Latest version of our very popular DD Tarp XL in DD's own multicam pattern.

Looking for a group shelter, a very spacious shelter for yourself or a large, lightweight and versatile Tarp that can be set-up in many different ways?

This is it!

The DD Tarp XL is a massive 4.5m x 3m tarp! As with our other tarps there are 16 side attachment points which are now reinforced and very tough + 3 centre (ridge) line attachment points.

With a total of 19 attachment points the tarp can be set-up in many, many different ways.

The massive size of this tarp allows it to be used for a number of different purposes including:

cover for two hammocks close together

cover for a group shelter / work space etc. at Scout / large camp

a large cover for a single hammock (good if you plan to stay in one place for a while or just prefer a larger shelter). Its also possible to fold the ends in to create an almost enclosed 'tent' around the hammock

an enclosed 'tent' for up to three people sleeping on the ground

a groundsheet

cover for bikes / kayaks etc

Made from 190T polyester with PU 3,000mm coating. Seams are taped. Completely waterproof, even in the heaviest storms.


Size: 4.5m x 3m

Colour: DD Multicam

Weight: 1020g (excl. Pegs & Guy Lines)

Includes: 4 x Pegs & Guy Lines, Stuff Sack