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Nordic pocket saw - Nordic pocket saw - Premium

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Low weight, high load capacity and raw power. That's what the Nordic pocket saw stands for and makes it an essential companion for your outdoor adventures.

The chain is made of heat-treated high-carbon steel, ideal for the blades and specially developed for endurance in tough conditions. The Premium Edition has the handles and sheath handmade in Sweden and the leather is 100% Swedish and organic.

The art of using leather is one of man's first and most useful discoveries. Our ancestors used leather to sew clothes, tents and shoes in order to protect themselves from the natural elements. Craftsmen have mastered the art of tanning for thousands of years, but today a few traditional tanneries still use the same organic technique. We have chosen the Tärnsjö tannery as our leather supplier because they offer leather from local Swedish farmers and because their production is 100% organic.

Three versions are available:

Nordic Original Green

Nordic X-long Green

Nordic Premium

Leather is a heterogeneous material, as it is made from natural resources from our wildlife. It is common with slight differences in dye and appearance, as no two hides are the same.

Leather is a natural material and therefore requires extra care to maintain its characteristics and appearance in the long term. We recommend our users to treat the leather with a leather balm from time to time to reduce the risk of dry cracking. You should also be aware that exposure to direct sunlight can bleach dark leathers and that chemicals and detergents can damage the leather or tarnish the colour.

If you treat your Premium saw correctly, it will prolong its life and age gracefully, developing a beautiful patina with use over time.

When using the Nordic Premium pocket saw there is a possibility that the handles may stretch. This is considered normal as leather is a natural material and will not be accepted as an argument in possible claims. However, any possible production related faults will be covered by the warranty.

Differences in dye and appearance are normal when dealing with leather. The character of the leather is formed during the life of the cattle and nuances may occur due to barbs or other natural incidents.


Sheath: 100% Swedish leather with organic certification.

Sheath weight: 84 g

Sheath dimensions: 11,5 x 10 x 4,2 cm

Chain: Heat-treated high carbon steel