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Petromax Leather cutlery holder TA-CUTLERY1

Product no.: 700662

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This makes the leather cutlery bag the ideal place to store Petromax Camping cutlery:

Practically stored: roll-up leather cutlery bag for Petromax Camping cutlery.

Safe storage: 5 compartments suitable for knife, fork, spoon, teaspoon, teaspoon, snack fork

Hard-wearing material: dyed, lightly tanned cowhide leather

easy to carry: metal eyelet for hanging on a backpack, camper or in the outdoor kitchen

high quality engraving: Petromax logo on the inside and outside

Durable cutlery bag always with you while travelling

Your next camping adventure will be even more comfortable: with the robust leather cutlery bag, your Petromax Camping cutlery is safely stowed away while travelling. The cutlery bag can be stored in a backpack or camper to save space, as it can be easily rolled up and secured with the strap. Each of the five pieces of cutlery finds its place in the bag and does not slip even when walking over hills and valleys.

Cutlery bag made of cowhide - ready for every adventure

The cutlery bag is made of durable cowhide leather and has been tanned and lightly dyed. In this way, the natural full grain of the leather could be preserved. A characteristic patina develops gradually, which gives the cutlery bag an individual feel even after many uses. The Petromax logo is embossed on the outside and inside.

Thanks to the cutlery bag's practical metal eyelet, it can easily be placed in a backpack or hung in the outdoor kitchen.

Developed to withstand the demands of camping adventures, the leather cutlery bag offers you a robust and reliable way to safely store and transport your Petromax camping cutlery.

Cowhide Care and Other Information

Carefully remove dust and dirt, e.g. with a leather brush.

Dry cleaning; do not use liquid detergent, as surfactants (grease-dissolving agents) attack the leather.

Use only special leather care products.

Does not belong in dishwasher, washing machine or tumble dryer.

Do not use as a cutting mat.

Do not place cutlery upside down.

Do not transport upside down.

Technical specifications

Material: cowhide leather

Approx. dimensions (H x W x D) [unfolded]: 0,5 x 56 x 31,5 cm

Approx. dimensions (H x W x D) [rolled up]: 5,5 x 56 x 5,5 cm

Approx. dimensions (H x W x D) [rolled with cutlery]: 5 x 56 x 8.5 cm (5 x 56 x 8.5 cm)

Dimensions with packaging, approx. (H x W x D x D): 2 x 40 x 16 cm

Weight, approx.: 180 g

Weight, approx. with packaging: 192 g